If you want to lead your company beyond the limits of off-the-shelf software, we can help

Software like WordPress; services like MailChimp, Shopify or Xero; and integration services like Zapier: all enable thousands of small-to-medium-sized enterprises to revolutionise their business – in many cases, we’ve helped them do it.

But our clients also trust us to come up with tailor-made solutions when it’s time to push beyond what off-the-shelf software can comfortably achieve, to further boost sales and streamline productivity.

We’re ideally sized to plug the gap for companies that are large enough to have complex business processes and web-based software needs, but who can’t afford to employ an in-house design and development team.

We hear this story a lot:

Many companies we speak to get to a stage where, to take their business to the next level, they need a web-based system or platform that’s bespoke to them. This is because finding an off-the-shelf tool that fits your business needs, exactly, can be extremely difficult.

Faced with this difficulty, companies often take a modular approach, using multiple tools and services to cover different aspects of their process. But making those tools work as an integrated whole can be a headache – especially if they need to play with legacy systems where, for whatever reason, development is impractical.  

In many cases, the obvious solution is to find a new design and development team, to build fresh solutions that truly fit your unique needs. This process can be hard to control though – especially if your business doesn’t operate in that world of design and tech.

Any number of designers and developers will promise the world on a shoestring budget; and there are outsourcing companies all over the world, some of them amazing. But without high-quality communication, rich and frequent feedback, and a shared interest in working out a project’s detail, what feels initially like a bounded, simple project can stretch seemingly forever.

So, what’s the solution?

At Almost All Digital we believe the solution is simple and involves building trust and putting our client’s needs above all else.

We’ve learnt from many years’ experience of design and development how crucial it is to listen – carefully, and in detail – to what clients want, and to ask questions about their goals and requirements, to make sure our vision aligns with theirs.

We’re also committed to giving clients as many opportunities as possible to influence our work. We do this in several ways: seeking frequent feedback on designs as we develop them iteration by iteration; working in short sprints, delivering tangible results and working software at the end of each sprint, so clients can know we’re on the right track; and delivering a MVP (“minimal viable product”, just the heart of the product) as early as possible, then building on from it. We’re also very keen to provide staging and live versions of a solution, so we can experiment with real, new features before launching them to your end-users.

Our experience helps us to organise projects to avoid pitfalls – for instance, fact-finding and experimenting early in a build to flush out anticipated issues, and planning to take on key challenges as soon as we can.

We aim to make work that’s easy to maintain and build on, because – while we’re very happy to build quick, focused products and hand them over to you – our ideal is to keep our relationships with our clients and our work going.

Why are we different?

There are plenty of amazing designers and developers out there, but it can be hard to find them as an integrated team. Couple that with the fact that we each have many years of experience, having worked with large organisations like the BBC, Time Out, Guardian Media Group and Unilever amongst many others – and you have a winning formula.

We build on our solid foundation of 30+ years of experience helping our clients through exacting design and web application development. Our team is Paul McClenaghan, who handles all things design, and David Pape, who builds creative solutions in code.

We’ve helped growing companies solve many real business problems. Our solutions have helped businesses streamline their internal processes and customer interactions, boosting their productivity, improving business intelligence, and increasing their revenue.

Our human-focused approach to design and web development means that we care deeply about your users’ experience of your digital touchpoints. And we think that approach is a key part of a winning formula for the success of your business.

In recent projects, we’ve used Vue JS integrated with Microsoft Azure Search to build powerful and highly scalable single-page applications that our clients love using. 

We also have extensive knowledge of WordPress, regularly developing bespoke themes, plugins and integrations with our clients’ CRM, Accounting and other business-critical systems. 

If you’d like to know more about the kind of work we’ve done please start a conversation with us today or check out our case study.

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